Afghanistan Playground equipment accessories

Afghanistan Playground equipment accessories

children's gardens are playgrounds belonging to the preschool period of children.

30.12.2020 06:25

Children's gardens are playgrounds belonging to the preschool period of children. They are planned to serve children between the ages of 1-3 and 3-6. They should be placed in almost every neighborhood unit and within a certain reach. Children's gardens are classified as traditional and contemporary, depending on whether the play equipment they contain is single or multi-functional and their material properties. Seesaw, swing, swing, climbing bars and rotating tables etc. in traditional


Playground equipment accessories .

 Today's playgrounds, on the other hand, consist of playgrounds of different forms, textures and colors and at different heights. There are vibrant colored game elements made of concrete, fiberglass and wood. Playground spare parts prices vary depending on the material of the game equipment.


Playground equipment accessories

are a part from an  open areas with more fundamental functions for the neighborhood or its associations.In addition to a small playground for pre-school children in a well-planned playground, gymnastics is useful for certain sports activities that can be used by older people , football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and noisy active playgrounds that allow physical movements depending on the rules.


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